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IAR 22 is the first Romanian tractor model, produced in the 1946 year at the UTB (Uzina Tractorul din Brașov) factory under Radu Emil Mărdărescu lead. He copied the Hannonmag model, after Ion Grosu's suggestion. This model weight was 3.4 tons, equipped with Diesel motors and a power of 38 CP. The traction power reached 1.225 kgf. 

Images for UTB IAR 22

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dacia 1300

Romanian Car Dacia 1300
Dacia 1300 production started in august 1969, based on Renault 12 model and designed by Renault manufacturer as well. At that time the model had a modern and classy aspect. Initially, it had a single car body with 4 doors and 5 seats. It's cylinder capacity was 1,289 cc that could develop a power of 54 CP, a maximum speed of 144 km/h and a fuel consumption of 9,4 L/100km.
In 1970 are released three equipment variants for the 1300 model and those are: Standard, Super and 1301 (a model for Romanian Communists Party only). In 1973, the production of Break model starts, in 1975 Dacia 1302 van is launched. Dacia 1302 differed from 1300 only with it's back suspension and could support a maximum weight of 500 kg. During the 1975-1985 years, a number of 1500 van units were released, most of them reaching Argentina.

Technical Specifications for Dacia 1300:

Cylinders Capacity1289 cc
Power54 CP
Engine Placementfront
Top Speed144 km/h
Fuel Consumption9,4 L / 100km 
                           Fuel                                                                      Petrol
                        Gearbox                                                       manual, 4+1 speed
                    Total Weight                                                             900 kg
Seats Number

Images for Dacia 1300

Romanian Car Dacia 1300 front view

Romanian Car Dacia 1300 rally

Romanian Car Dacia 1300 side view

Romanian Car Dacia 1300 Brake model

Romanian Car Dacia 1300 interior

Videos for Dacia 1300

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ARO 240

Romanian Car ARO 240 front viewARO 240 has a maximum number of 8 passengers to fit in. It's maximum speed is 110 km/h and a fuel consumption of 15 L/100km. It also has a electrical installation of 12 v and the battery is about 12 V 56 Ah. The total clear weight is around 1500 kg. And the maximum weight authorized is 2.200 kg. This model performs great as on-road so does off-road. 

Technical Specifications for Roman SR 131 :

                     4, 2 valves per cylinder
Cylinders Capacity3119 cc
Engine Placementfront
Top Speed110 km/h
Fuel Consumption15 L / 100km 
                           Fuel                                                                       Diesel
                        Gearbox                                                            manual, 4 speed
                    Total Weight                                                              1500 kg
Seats Number
8  passengers can fit

Images for ARO 240

Romanian Car ARO 240 back view

Romanian Car ARO 240 front image

Romanian Car ARO 240

Romanian Car ARO 240 side view

Romanian Car ARO 240 perfect ride

Romanian Car ARO 240 classic picture

ARO 240 videos:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Roman SR 131

Roman SR 131 Romanian Car
Roman SR  131 "Carpati", was produced in 1960 replacing the old SR 101 model. The interior design for this truck was designed by the french company Chausson Plant, it's engine was a V8, running on petrol, developed under a Ford Y-block license, with a cylinders capacity of 5025 cc, power equal to 140 CP, and 4 speeds gearbox. Maximum speed of 90 km/h and a consumption of 25 L/100km.  

Technical Specifications for Roman SR 131 :

Cylinders Capacity5025 cc
Power140 CP 
Engine Placementfront
Top Speed90 km/h
Fuel Consumption25 L / 100km 
                           Fuel                                                                        Petrol
                        Gearbox                                                            manual, 4 speed
                    Total Engine Weight                                                  344 kg
Seats Number

    Images for Roman SR 131

    Romanian Car Roman SR 131 front
    Roman SR 131 side view
    Roman SR 131 back view
    Roman SR 131 old view car

    Oltcit Club 11

    Oltcit Club 11 front view
    Oltcit Club 11 is equipped with a engine with opposite placed cylinders, that have a capacity of 1129 cc and a power of 57.4 CP. It's top speed is 150 km/h with fuel consumption of 8.1 L/100km This model was produced in more versions like: 11 R, 11 RL, 11 RM, 11 RT. The difference between R and RL are the spoilers, safety belt, and other equipment that were done in order to distinguish them. The RM model has Dacia front discs and Oltcit back discs, but the RT model has Dacia front discs and Dacia rear drums in the back. The RM and RT models got Dacia wheels and handbrake is placed in the back, at other models it is in the front so that's the main difference.

    Technical Specifications for Oltcit Club 11  :

    Cylinders Capacity1129 cc
    Power57.4 CP 
    Engine Placementfront
    Top Speed150 km/h
    Fuel Consumption8.1 L / 100km 
                               Fuel                                                                        Petrol
                            Gearbox                                                            manual, 4 speed
                        Total Weight                                                                  n/a
    Seats Number

    Images for Oltcit Club 11

    Oltcit Club 11 front view 2

    Oltcit Club 11R Engine Power

    Monday, August 27, 2012

    Roman SR 101

    Romanian Cars Roman SR 101 modelThe SR 101 model production by Roman manufacturer started in the 1954 year and was inspired after the soviet model ZIS 150, which was a copy of american international truck KR11. The total weight of SR 101 is  about 4 tons. The engine has 6 cylinders with a capacity of 5550 cc and a power of 90 CP. The gearbox is manual with 5 speed, the top speed is around 75 km/h. In 1960 SR 101 model was replaced by SR 131 "Carpati".

    Technical Specifications for Roman SR 101  :

    Cylinders Capacity5550 cc
    Power90 CP 
    Engine Placementfront
    Top Speed75 km/h
    Fuel Consumption29 L / 100km 
                               Fuel                                                                        Petrol
                            Gearbox                                                            manual, 5 speed
                        Total Weight                                                               3900 kg
    Seats Number

    Images for Roman SR 101

    Romanian Cars Roman SR 101  front view

    Roman SR 101 side view

    Romanian Cars Roman SR 101

    Romanian Cars Roman SR 101 exposition

    Sunday, August 26, 2012

    Dacia 1100

    Romanian Car Dacia 1100 modelDacia 1100 was the first model produced by the Romanian manufacturer Dacia. This model was  commercialized mostly during 1968 and 1971 years. According to some information Dacia 1100 was a Renault 8. The engine consisted of 4 cylinders of 1100 cc  that's why its name is Dacia "1100" also with a power of 46 CP and a top speed of 130 km/h followed by fuel consumption of about 6.8 L per 100 km. It is to be remarked that the engine was placed in the back of the car, in front was the trunk. Not to forget is that Renault manufacturer supplied Dacia with all the components required for it's eventual assembly for this specific model.  On 3 august 1968 first Dacia 1100 was created, it was offered to Ceausescu family. On 20 more units started to be produced. A interesting fact is that this model was initially created specially for rally, even though the top speed was only 130 km/h. The final number of units produced was 37.546, also a similar model appeared with time it's name was Dacia 1100S. This model units was below 100 and it was designed just for racing.

    Technical Specifications for Dacia 1100 :

    Cylinders Capacity1100 cc
    Power46 CP 
    Engine Placementback
    Top Speed130 km/h
    Fuel Consumption6.8 L / 100km 
                               Fuel                                                                        Petrol
                            Gearbox                                                            manual, 4 speed
                        Total Weight                                                                767 kg
    Seats Number4

    Images for Dacia 1100

    Romanian Car Dacia 1100 back view

    Dacia 1100 Side View
    Romanian Car Dacia 1100 front view
    Dacia 1100 Front View
    Romanian Car Dacia 1100 interior view
    Dacia 1100 Interior View

    Videos Dacia 1100

    Saturday, August 25, 2012

    Aro M461

    Aro M461 was produced during 1964-1975 years, together with the M-461 C model. The total number of units was estimated to 80.233 it was also the first model exported. This model had the nickname "nocturnal wanderer" because of the road tests that took place only at night. The name of this model started with "M" for Muscel, region were it was assembled. 4 represents the number of it's prototype and 61 the year of development. China is the first country where for the first time this Romanian units arrived. From that time the export models number increased drastically. Also it is known that Greek and Czech armies also used the Aro M461 units. The car definitely is excellently designed and assembled, it's off-road capabilities are unimaginable. This is the strength point for Romanian Cars manufacturers. The car is for sure a great one, and the classic design says it all.

    Technical Specifications for Aro M461:

    Cylinders Capacity2512 cc
    Power70 CP 
    Drive Typefront
    Top Speed100 km/h
    Fuel Consumption14.5L / 100km 
                               Fuel                                                                        Petrol
                            Gearbox                                                            manual, 3 stages
                        Total Weight                                                                1550 kg
    Seats Number8

    Aro M461 Images:  

    Romanian Car  Aro M461 model

    Romanian Car  Aro M461 model image

    2  Aro M461 units
    Romanian Car  Aro M461 inside look

    Friday, August 24, 2012

    ARO IMS-57

    Romanian Car ARO IMS-57 model

    The ARO IMS-57 was produced in 1957, from the "-57" we can easily denote that fact. The manufacturing period took 2 years from 1957 until 1959, by that time around 2000 units were produced. It is considered that ARO IMS-57 was inspired from the Russian model GAZ. The first car bodies were build manually by Grigore Negoita si Gita Holbosan. In 1957, were produced 154 units. The next two year about 760 units. The exact number for 1958 year is not well known but assuming that in total there were made 2000 units, we can denote that around 1000 units were made for sure. The car was equipped with an engine that had lateral valves, a 4.6 compression ratio, a three-bearing crankshaft and a cast iron camshaft, leaf-sprung shock absorbers and manually operated windscreen wipers. The chassis, motor, mechanicals and gearbox of IMS 57 are practically identical with those of GAZ 69 as the car was initially inspired from that russian car model. According to some information a single original model exists nowadays, and it can be seen at the ARO factory exhibitions that take place during the year 

    Technical Specifications ARO IMS-57:

    Gearboxmanual. 4 speed, 
    Drive Typefront
    Top Speed80 km/h
    Fuel Consumption24L / 100km
                       Total Weight                                                                2265 kg
                             Power                                                                       50CP
                       Cylinder Capacity                                                      3260 cc

    ARO IMS-57 Images:

    Romanian Car ARO IMS-57 classic picture
    Romanian Car ARO IMS-57 view  

    Romanian Car ARO IMS-57 interior

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