Monday, September 3, 2012

Rocar M.T.D

Romanian Rocar M.T.D model
The Rocar company created the name for their brand using the starting letters from ROmanian CAR, that's how the name for it's future buses was invented. Rocar Mao Tze Dun abbreviated M.T.D is a bus manufactured at the Vulcan plants during 1955-1956. The bus body was made of steel and was set at Central ITB Workshops and were mounted on a chassis of a SR 101 truck. In this order the bus had a length of 8,5 m and width of 2,52 m with a height about 2,92 m. Also it was equipped with a Zis 120 engine with 90 CP power. Rocar M.T.D  could carry 60 persons, from which 28 persons could take a sit. On the outside it look really classy which is characteristic for that period of time. Even though i might add that this model was a great start for Rocar and stood at the base of other models created during the time.

Images for Rocar M.T.D

Romanian Car Rocar M.T.D

Romanian Car Rocar M.T.D side view


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