Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oltcit Cabrio

Romanian Car Oltcit Cabrio view
Oltcit Cabrio is a prototype that was not released due to some problems at the car structure. The total number of units manufactured at Ceausescu's command was 3. It is to be noted that it was a convertible car, with 4 seats and a number of 2 doors. The engine was placed in front.There is not that much information about the car itself, because mainly it was only a prototype. And even nowadays we don't know too much about this model, still we found some pictures that will be listed below. If you dispose with some good information about this model, you can submit it to our e-mail - all the credis will be given.

Images for Oltcit Cabrio

Romanian Prototype Oltcit Cabrio

Oltcit Cabrio side view

Oltcit Cabrio picture

Romanian Oltcit Cabrio front/back view


Shaira said...

i want to sell my car which really looks like this..i need to junk it because its really already and i need to buy a new one

Anonymous said...

I don't think that the first picture shows the real model but most likely an overhauled car made by some tuner. The fact is that the original prototypes didn't have a retractable roof. Actually they didn't dispose of a roof what so ever.

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