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Dacia 1310

Romanian Car Dacia 1310 modelDacia 1310 was a model launched at Dacia Automobiles Plant in 1979, after the recall of Dacia 1300. The car itself was   based on five models: 
   - TLX (1979-1990)
   - LX (1990-1994)
   - L (1994-1999)
   - CL(Break)(1994-1999)
   - CLi(Break) (2000-2004)
   - Li (2000-2004)

The presentation of new Dacia that took place at Eren in 1979 was similar to the 1300 model, some of the differences were the design, 2 rounded headlights, redesigned tail lights and a new type of board. The variants are: Standard, MS, MLS, S, TL, TX. 

A new redesign for the 1310 model took place in 1983 followed by new engine updates, it had a 1185 cc with a power of 48 CP for Dacia 1210 and 1397 cc with a power of 63 CP for Dacia 1410 and already the so well known Dacia 1310 that had a 1289 cc and 54 CP, also equipped with a 5 speed gearbox

Dacia 1310 Li had a engine 1.4 with a power of 62 CP and a maximum speed of 143 km/h.

The 1310 model was the only model launched by Dacia that could resist on the market for more than 20 years. It is the Dacia symbol since 1979 till nowadays and was sold outside the country under the Dacia Denem name in UK, ARO Familia in Germany, Delta in Greece and Dacia 1304 (Pick-up) under the Dacia Shifter name. This model was produced in the '90 with some minor changes.

Technical Specifications for Dacia 1310:

Cylinders Capacity 1289 cc
Engine Placementfront
Top Speed140
Fuel Consumption
7L /100 km
                           Fuel                                                                       Petrol
                        Gearbox                                                            manual, 5 speed
                    Total Weight                                                                 980 kg
Seats Number

Images for Dacia 1310

Dacia 1310 Break front view

Dacia 1310 Break back view

Dacia 1310 CN4 front view

Dacia 1310 Denem UK version

Dacia 1310 Police car

Dacia 1310 front view

Dacia 1310 side view

Dacia 1310 front picture

Dacia 1310 - Delta Galidi for Greece

Videos for Dacia 1310:

1)Dacia 1310 vs Dacia Logan

2) Top speed

3) Peforming on snow

4) Drifting


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