Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oltcit Club 11

Oltcit Club 11 front view
Oltcit Club 11 is equipped with a engine with opposite placed cylinders, that have a capacity of 1129 cc and a power of 57.4 CP. It's top speed is 150 km/h with fuel consumption of 8.1 L/100km This model was produced in more versions like: 11 R, 11 RL, 11 RM, 11 RT. The difference between R and RL are the spoilers, safety belt, and other equipment that were done in order to distinguish them. The RM model has Dacia front discs and Oltcit back discs, but the RT model has Dacia front discs and Dacia rear drums in the back. The RM and RT models got Dacia wheels and handbrake is placed in the back, at other models it is in the front so that's the main difference.

Technical Specifications for Oltcit Club 11  :

Cylinders Capacity1129 cc
Power57.4 CP 
Engine Placementfront
Top Speed150 km/h
Fuel Consumption8.1 L / 100km 
                           Fuel                                                                        Petrol
                        Gearbox                                                            manual, 4 speed
                    Total Weight                                                                  n/a
Seats Number

Images for Oltcit Club 11

Oltcit Club 11 front view 2

Oltcit Club 11R Engine Power


Glume si Bancuri said...

It was a very good car!

JuanoGaleas said...

Can i get a manual for this car?

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