Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ARO 240

Romanian Car ARO 240 front viewARO 240 has a maximum number of 8 passengers to fit in. It's maximum speed is 110 km/h and a fuel consumption of 15 L/100km. It also has a electrical installation of 12 v and the battery is about 12 V 56 Ah. The total clear weight is around 1500 kg. And the maximum weight authorized is 2.200 kg. This model performs great as on-road so does off-road. 

Technical Specifications for Roman SR 131 :

                     4, 2 valves per cylinder
Cylinders Capacity3119 cc
Engine Placementfront
Top Speed110 km/h
Fuel Consumption15 L / 100km 
                           Fuel                                                                       Diesel
                        Gearbox                                                            manual, 4 speed
                    Total Weight                                                              1500 kg
Seats Number
8  passengers can fit

Images for ARO 240

Romanian Car ARO 240 back view

Romanian Car ARO 240 front image

Romanian Car ARO 240

Romanian Car ARO 240 side view

Romanian Car ARO 240 perfect ride

Romanian Car ARO 240 classic picture

ARO 240 videos:


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