Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Roman SR 113

Romanian Car Roman SR 113 SR 113 Bucegi production started in 1964, it had a weight of 5 tons, the car body was the one designed by frenches from Chausson Plant . The engine was a V8, fuel powered designed under the Ford licence, of 5025 cc and 140 CP. A 5 stages gearbox, the 2,3,4 and 5 were synchronized, a maximum speed of 80 km/h and a consumption per 100 km of 29 L. 
Technical Specifications for ARO 246 :

Cylinders Capacity5025 cc
Engine Placementfront
Top Speed  80 km/h
Fuel Consumption                                       29 L/100 km
                           Fuel                                                                       Petrol
                        Gearbox                                                            manual, 5 speed
                    Total Weight                                                              5000 kg
Seats Number

Images for Roman SR 113:
Roman SR 113 front view

Roman SR 113 picture

Roman SR 113  side view

Roman SR 113  side view

Roman SR 113 front picture

Roman SR 113 side picture

Romanian Car Roman SR 113 side view

Roman SR 113

Bucegi SR 113 Video:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Roman SR 132

Romanian Car Roman SR 132The SR 132 Carpati was produced at the same time with SR 131 Carpati model, in 1962. The car was equipped with same engine just as the SR 131 and had a weight around 2,5 tons. And from the design aspect it is noticeable that no big differences were made. 
NOTE: If you dispose with more information about this model, leave a comment below or write us a e-mail at: romaniacars@gmail.com all the credits will be given!

Technical Specifications for Roman SR 132:

Cylinders CapacityN/A
Power140 CP 
Engine Placementfront
Top Speed90 km/h
Fuel Consumption25 L / 100km 
                           Fuel                                                                        Petrol
                        Gearbox                                                            manual, 4 speed
                    Total Engine Weight                                                  344 kg
Seats Number

Images for Roman SR 132:

Romanian Car Roman SR 132 Model

Roman SR 132 Engine Sound Video:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

ARO 12

Romanian Car Aro 12 front
20 years ago, at Ceausescu's order the production of the first crossover ARO 12 began. So Romanian engineers combined the technical platform of ARO 10 with the structure and appearance of Dacia 1310 Break. Therefore, ARO 12 or Dacia 1310 4x4, could be considered as the first crossover that combined both the space and comfort of a usual break with engine performances of a 4x4 model. ARO 12 wasn't manufactured at Dacia, but at Campulung. It had a manual gearbox and a diesel engine, from IFA. There were few exemplars realized, most of them for the army. Still some of them are in circulation.

Technical Specifications for ARO 12 :

Cylinders Capacity1289 cc
Power54 CP
Engine Placementfront
Top Speed90 km/h
Fuel ConsumptionN/A
                           Fuel                                                                       Diesel
                        Gearbox                                                            manual, 4 speed
                    Total Weight                                                                 N/A
Seats Number

Images for ARO 12

Aro 12 racing model

Romanian Car Aro 12 side view

Romanian Car Aro 12 back view

Aro 12 model side picture

Saturday, September 15, 2012

ARO 263

Romanian Car ARO 263 front ARO 263 has a car body based on ARO 243 model. It has a wheelbase increased from 2350 mm to 2600 mm and a length increased with 367 mm. The model was realized  only at a special order. The car has  8 places and 3 doors.

Romanian Car ARO 263 back

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ARO 246

Romanian ARO 246 PoliceARO 246 was produced in 2001 it had a weight of 2800 kg. The car is performing very good on-road so does off-road, 7 persons can easily fit into it. It has a engine with a power of 87 CP and 2660 cc. Total number of doors is 5. The car runs on diesel, and it can reach a 120 km/h high speed. See more pictures and videos below!

Technical Specifications for ARO 246 :

Cylinders Capacity2660 cc
Engine Placementfront
Top Speed120 km/h
Fuel Consumptionn/a
                           Fuel                                                                       Diesel
                        Gearbox                                                            manual, 4 speed
                    Total Weight                                                              2800 kg
Seats Number
7  passengers can fit

Images for ARO 246

ARO 246 Police car

ARO 246 Romanian Car
Romanian Car ARO 246 back

Romanian Car ARO 246 side view

Romanian Car ARO 246 picture

Videos for ARO 246

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Roman 112 U

Romanian Car Roman 112 U front view
Roman 112 U is a model that has a 12m body length, it is also equipped with a Diesel MAN D-2165 HM6U engine. With 6 cylinders placed in a row and a power of 192 CP. The engine is placed underneath the floor. The bus got air suspension, power steering and hydro-pneumatic brake system. Roman 112 U can easily transport 110 passengers from which 25 can have a sit. This model was also produces as a trolleybus under the DAC 112 E name.

Images for Roman 112 U

Side view for Roman 112 U modelDAC 112 E trolleybus picture

Romanian Car model Roman 112 U

Monday, September 10, 2012

ARO 242

Romanian Car ARO 242 front view
ARO 242 is a 4x4 pick-up car equipped with 2 seats. According to some sources it had a V6 Ford Coswort engine. So far we managed to find some pictures with this model where you can see it from more angles. The car is pretty similar with previous models, but still there were made some technical changes. Also the design looks different and more classy than the previous ones

Images for ARO 242

Romanian Car ARO 242 side view
Romanian Car ARO 242 back view

ARO 242 side view picture

Romanian Car ARO 242 back

Romanian model ARO 242 front

ARO 242 off-road car

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